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TronarTAB® - Back and Sciatica Nerve Stretcher.

TronarTAB® - Back and Sciatica Nerve Stretcher.

TronarTAB® - Back and Sciatica Nerve Stretcher.

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Back pain is a thing of the past! Using TronarTAB® just 10 minutes a Day.

Inspired by ancient Asian Techniques. 


Your back is always, literally always carrying the weight of our life, of our daily activities, which causes your spine to "get tired" it hurts and as a consequence can lead to poor posture. We got your back! feel relief and correct your spine's natural curvature. Discover the ultimate and the best back pain relief device, with TronarTAB® 




The TronarTAB® is so simple to use. You can choose up to 3 levels for more stretch, as beginner you should start with level 1 and increase level when you feel comfortable to step up! more stretch means: more tension and pain relief, more disc decompression, better spine alignment.



TronarTAB® use environmentally friendly ABS polyurethane, non-toxic and harmless, tough and solid to support your back, supporting up to 150kgs or 330lbs. But if it breaks, we'll send you a new one, for FREE!




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OMG!!! This works better than expected. I was really excited to get this product due to back pain from spending most of my day in the car. When unboxing seems to be pretty durable and is light weight. I at first had a little difficulty adjusting to the level 2 but quickly figured it out. Immediately laying on the back stretcher I felt relief in my lower back. I can’t wait to see the ling term benefits of this product. I have tried the roller balls but this product to me works better. Highly recommend!!!

Veronica N.

This thing is amazing! I have had major back issues since having my son and for 4 years I have tried a lot. Now that I am working from the pain got worse. First time I used it there was little cracking done; but I could feel the stretch. I didn’t want to get off! As time has gone on it keeps getting better! 2 weeks later and tonight it finally got my back So well stretched, my back cracked so loud my husband thought it broke. Nope but the relief I felt was indescribable. I don’t think I have enough good things to say about it. It’s a thing that actually works!

Deanne S.

Love this purchase. Last week hurt my back, but I always had lower back pain from a accident year's ago. The next day after going to emergency room getting muscle relaxer shot, I ordered this. Immediately I felt my herniated disk shift and line back up, once I payed down. Started on level 1 for 5 minutes, then I tried second level and I love it. I suggest going thru steps in a progression. I've had this 3 days and the results are amazing. 4 days ago I couldn't walk or bend over. Even after emergency room visit I had pain in my lower back.

Joseph K.

I have been suffering from back pain for about 20 years. Mostly sciatica and lower back pain. In the last 3 weeks my pain had become unbearable, I was desperate. I found the ad of this product as a miracle. I was browsing for back pain relievers and this product came up with very high marks. At $40+ what was there to lose? Nothing. I followed the directions and the very first time I used it, my pain is gone! I was formerly at about a 9 on a 1-10 scale and now I am literally at 0 pain. Thank you!

Rebecca P.

I was quite skeptical but this thing really works!! I have been seeing a chiropractor for years for adjustments. Every time I feel back soreness or tightness, I lay on this thing for 5 minutes. It's incredible how much it helps and I feel much better.

Leonard E.

It has helped me a lot with my back pain and back position!! I use it twice a day, when I wake up and before going to bed. I try to be laid on this stretcher for a couple of minutes and arrange it in the lower and upper back a few minutes per area.

Damian I.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is amazing! I have suffered problems in my spine for years and have gone through endless physical therapy. I have two herniated discs in my back and I have sciatica. I have owned this now for a week and I just love it. Also. For anyone that knows what lower pelvic flooring is and has had to endure this very uncomfortable procedure I would like to inform that this has been helping me with this as well. Buy one... you won’t regret it!

Michael C.

I’ve been having inflammation on my spine for about 6 months. I have been taking ibuprofen on the days it really was hurting. It feels really tight and it hurts when I sit for longer periods of time. I tried this product on the lowest position and I instantly felt better. I’m so happy I made this purchase!!

Rachel F.

I can hear a satisfying back cracking sound when I use this. I can feel a rush of relief when using this back stretcher on the third tier. I weigh quite a bit, so I was surprised that the Magic Back Support was well built and sturdy.

Walter Jr.
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